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DIY Grandfather Makeover – Chalk Paint

Over Christmas break my mom gave me a grandfather clock that belonged to my Uncle and Aunt. I had been wanting a grandfather clock for our front living room but I wanted something special……something unique.  When she offered me the clock I was ready to tell her turn it down but as soon as I saw the clock I knew that it was perfect.

The middle section has a door with a glass front and 3 glass shelves in the middle. There was not a pendulum.

Adorable and full of potential.


I immediately began researching how to refinish the wood and I stumbled upon blogs about chalk paint.

A few of my friends had used chalk paint before and both of them had made it themselves.  As temping as it was to make it myself –  I decided to buy some pre-made chalk paint with a gift-card I had for Mendards.  I ended up using Rust-oleum brand and I do not regret it at all. In fact, I have lots left over and I can’t wait for my next project.


BeFunky Collage


This color is absolutely beautiful and the perfect accent for our grey living room (which we also painted that same weekend) The process was simple and I was able to complete it in two sessions.

After the first coat

Materials Needed:

  • Rust-oleum Chalked Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Soap & Water
  • Tools for removing hardware
  • Rags
  • Clean Paint brushes
  • Rust-oleum Clear Coat


Simplified Steps:

  1. Dust every surface
  2. Clean class
  3. Remove hardware
  4. Clean surface again with a mild cleaner
  5. Lightly sand all wood surfaces
  6. Dust again
  7. Clean again with a mild cleaner
  8. Use painters tap to tape glass edges
  9. Begin painting – long strokes, full coverage
  10. Let dry- it only needs a few hours
  11. 2nd coat of paint – long strokes, full coverage
  12. Let dry – 24 hours
  13. Clear coat (I still have not applied the clear coat. I was waiting till summer because I have a spray clear coat and it needs to be done outside)
  14. Clean up!


Looks great after we painted the living room



BeFunky Design


Comment if you have any questions.


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