Freezer Meal Prep Party

Last weekend a few friends and I got together and had a crock-pot freezer meal prep party!


Together we each made around 10 crock-pot freezer meals. We are all young and newly married and only have 2 people to cook for in our tiny families. Many of the meals we created were meant for 4-6 servings, so we turned one recipe into two meals. I ended up with 14 ready-to-go meals in my freezer.

We used this blog for all of the meals! Many of the recipes were brand new to us and they were all easy to create.

I sent out an Freezer Meal Party Email inviting some friends and gave everyone a Grocery List.  I provided dinner, labels and the basic seasonings. Everyone brought their own meat and canned goods. It only took us about an hour and half to create all the meals.

Overall it was a success and we plan on having another one sometime next year. We talked about how it would be a great idea for when we all start having babies.



3 thoughts on “Freezer Meal Prep Party

  1. My friends and I did this recently too! Only we didn’t just use crock pot meals. I love freezer meals! My blog also hopes to share some of my favorite recipes for freezing like you!


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