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Thrift Store Decor and Handcrafted Decor in my Home

I love decorating- but it can be an expensive hobby. Luckily I love finding good deals and treasure hunting! When I look around my home I notice all the items that were purchased from a thrift store or handmade.

I have lots of handmade & DIY decor around my home. It feels great to be surrounded by items that I created or were created just for me by my friends and family.


1-Adorable vase  bought from the A2PTO Thrift Store a few years back.

2-Awesome wooden tray  turned wall art. Purchased from an antique store in Dundee, MI.

3-Mismatch chair! Almost identical to my two white chairs, purchases for $7 at the Ann Arbor Reuse Center.

4-All these pillows were bought at thrift stores. Blue and white pillows are from Goodwill in Saline, MI.  Yellow pillow is from Salvation Army in Romulus, MI.

5-Treasure window pane. Bought from Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor, MI. 

6-Orange jewelry tray purchase from Goodwill in Canton, MI.

7-Unique compass lamp bought for $10 from a thrift store in Belleville, MI.

8-Yellow ornate picture bought from an Antique store in Belleville, MI.



1-Botanical Gallery Wall.  Prints were free online, frames bought 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby.

2-Repainted TV trays.  Spray painted mustard yellow to match new living room decor.

3-Reupholstered ottoman with matching pillows.  Fabric purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics with a coupon. My cat scratched the original leather.

4-Hand Painted Picture of my Dog-Hand painted by best friend/artist a- Farhyn Hobbs. Early birthday present.

5-Bird Window Pane-Hand painted by sister/artist – Katie Beal.

6-Family Birthdays-Created and wood burned my Mother/artist – Imogene Stoddard.

7-Plate Platter- Hand created by sister/artist- Katie Beal. I love using this for baked goods.

8-Scripture Wall Art- Hand painted by best friend/artist a- Farhyn Hobbs.  House warming present for my 1st apartment.

9- Flower “M” created from cardboard box and flowers purchased from a thrift store.

10-Indoor Herb Garden- Pots are from Idea, labels are from Hobby Lobby.

11-Wedding Sermon Frame-Contains the whole text from my wedding sermon.  Created by my sister, Katie Beal.


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