Curly Hair Science

My updated Curly Hair Routine Here!

Over the last two months I have been experimenting on my hair. My husband calls it hair science.  I have read tons of blogs and articles about curly hair and decided to try some new products and styling techniques.

Since trying some of these new techniques and product I have almost completely changed my daily hair routine and product line up. I feel like everyday is a great hair day and my hair feel healthier.  Below I review some of the products and techniques I have tried over the last 2 months.

Every set of curls are different so I suggest you try these for yourself if interested.

1- Satin/Silk Pillow Case 1

I read that sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case would preserve my curly hair for  great second day wear.  I bought a black satin pillow case from amazon and tried it for a few weeks. I did not notice a difference. I stopped using it because I hated how the black pillow case did not match the rest of my  decor .  Article on Using a Satin/Silk Pillow Case

2- Pineapple Technique1

Pineappling is when you put your hair in a top loose pony tail at the very top of your head and cover it with a bandanna. I tried this a few nights but the bandanna fell off and I felt silly. The goal is to protect your curls for day 2 wear. I did not notice any kind of benefit from this technique. Recently I read that using a satin bonnet is great for your hair. While I’m tempted to try it I don’t think it will last. Sleeping next to my husband in a satin bonnet does not sound sexy. Article on Pineappling

3- Diffuser2

For the longest time I was 100% against hair dryers. You can read here how I never use heat on my hair. After doing some curly hair research I read over and over about the love for diffusers curly haired girls had. I decided to invest in a diffuser. First I bought an attachment but it ended up not fitting my blow dryer. Then I bought the Bed Head Curlipops Ionic Diffuser Dryer. This is a game changer! I hate the feeling of wet hair and my hair usually take forever to air dry. Using the diffuser allows me to have perfect touchable curly that last all day. It gives my hair extra body. I use the dryer on low and have it set to warm heat.  The only down side is that it adds an extra 15 minutes to my getting ready time. There was also the time when I got my hair tangled in the back and it almost caught on fire!  Article on Diffusers

4- Deva Curl Products2.gif

I purchased a travel sized Deva Curl kit to test out some of their products.  The products can be pricey so I figured buying the kit was a good way to test out the products.

  • No-Poo2 LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have recently bough a full size bottle.  This is a no lather cleansing cream that does not frizz out my hair. Sulfate Free!  I threw out all my other shampoo bottles and this is my new favorite.
  • One Condition1This product is just ‘OK’. I did not notice a big difference between my normal conditioner and this product. I use a lot of conditioner so it needed to be worth the price. $22 for 12oz is kind of steep.
  • Light Defining Gel1 I did not like how much of the product I had to use in my hair. It also did not quite pass the ponytail test. (The Ponytail Test- I go to a  1 hour workout class during my lunch break. I have to be able to put my hair in a ponytail for the class and then take it down while still preserving my good hair day ) It also felt like it weighed down my roots and did not define enough at the ends of my curls.
  • Styling Cream1 This cream made my hair feel sticky and weighed down. I did not like it at all.  By the end of the work day my curls were limp, not defined and frizzy.

Article on the No-Poo Technique

(Video by Veronica Meza! I love her hair)


I read an article on pinning your hair up to give it extra lift and body. I tried it a few times and I notice a big difference. I found that it only works when I diffuse my hair almost all the way and then clip and let it air dry the rest of the way.  I don’t use this technique during the work week because I don’t have the time. I save it for when I want to look extra nice for a wedding,  date night or church. Article on the Pinning or Clipping Technique

6-Curl Keeper Product 2

For years I have only used Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse! I would never be caught without it. I would sometimes stock up on 5 bottles at a time. There have been times when I had my husband run to CVS early in the morning to buy my mousse if I ran out. We even started to say “CODE RED” when I was getting low on mousse.  Right now if you go to my house you will not find any mousse!!!! That is because I have been using the Curl Keeper product.

This product is great! It gives my curls a great hold that feels light and my hair is totally touchable when it dries. When I use this in my hair I feel like I don’t have any product at all. There is no build up.

The other great thing about this product is that it is water based and water activated. If I want second day hair all I have to do is spray my hair with a little water, scrunch and then my curls are redefined. I also reactivate with water if I’m going out in the evening.

This amazing product does come with a high price tag- $20 for 8oz on Amazon. I bought the smaller size first to test it out before buying the 33oz for $32 on Amazon.  I think the 33oz size will last me about two months. Since it is water based the consistency is like sticky water. I suggest buying a pump if you opt for the bigger bottle size. Trying to pour out the product into my palm with a 1 liter bottle was tricky, I was making a mess and wasting product. The pump is great!

I read that you “can’t use too much” of this product in your hair. That is not true. The first time I used this product I wanted to make sure I was using enough and I over did it. It made my hair super dry. Now I have it down and this is my daily styling product.

(Another video by Veronica Meza!)


7-Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner2

At first I thought I found the holy grail of conditioners. This stuff is super cheap. It is only $3 for a huge bottle at Meijer and it has great reviews from curly girls. I am about half-way though the bottle and at first I thought it was great and did a good job at detangling my long hair. After using it for a few weeks I’m not that excited about it. It does not have good slip. I have to really tug and comb my hair out in the shower. I started to use my John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Dream Curls Conditioner again and I use the Coconut conditioner as a leave in conditioner. Suave Coconut Conditioner Reviews







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