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When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle

God will only give you, what you can handle!….Right? …….Wrong!


I really enjoyed my Pastor’s sermon last Sunday night. He preached on how this is a common myth- that God will only give you what you can handle.

Many times we think this way. We think that our loving God would never put more on our already full plate. The truth is, God will give you more than you can handle, so that you can learn to rely on him. On our own it will be too much to handle. With God, anything is possible. 

I knew this belief, that God will only give you what you can handle, was false. I came to that conclusion while doing the bible study, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. (Great book! You should read it) In the book we studied how God puts trials in our lives and those trials can be blessings. We can learn and grow closer to God during our trials.

Knowing this and experiencing it -are completely different.

About a year ago God gave me way more than I could handle. At first I tried and tried to handle it. I tried to fix it. I tried to balance everything on spinning plates. I tried on my own! (Do you notice a lot of pronouns- specifically the pronoun ‘I’? This pronoun is a problem in this situation.) I was miserable.

Finally after months and months of trying and failing and being miserable – I let God take the lead. I fully relied on him. During this time I was not thinking about how I would be closer to God when it was all over. I was only concerned with getting through the rough patch and finding a new normal. In hindsight- I now see how God worked.

I see how he gave me more than I could handle, broke me, humbled me, picked me back up, and carried me.

File_000 (2)

Sunday night I thanked God for giving me more than I could handle. I feel blessed to have experienced a trial that drew me closer to God.

The trial is over but my faith in God is still strong. The trial is over but God is still showing himself to me and working in my life.


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