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Breathing Tips for Runners

I did some light research today on proper breathing techniques for running. I plan on trying these during my long run tomorrow!

I never really cared how I breathed while running. I figured that I was a decent runner and breathing came natural, no reason to fix something that ain’t broken. I started running when I was in 5th grade and no one ever showed me the proper way to breath. I decided that while training for this half, it might be a good time for me to try new breathing techniques and develop a breathing habit. I’m hoping it will improve my times.

Tip 1

Breath through your mouth or both your mouth and nose. Don’t just breath through your nose. Breathing through your nose does not allow you to get enough oxygen. It also makes you tense and your jaw tight.


Tip 2

Develop an alternating pattern of breathing so you don’t always exhale on the same foot. For example: if you always exhale when you step down with your left foot you could be prone to more injuries on that side of your body. When you exhale you put additional stress on your body. This article suggests doing a 3:2 pattern. Inhale for 3 steps, exhale for 2. This will alternate what foot you exhale on.


Tip 3

Take deep belly breaths. (I am not good at this.) When you run you should breath with your belly and not your chest. Your belly should move more then your chest.



Happy Running & Breathing!


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