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8 Backpacking/Hiking Hygiene Essentials – Keeping it Clean in the Woods


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A list of 8 essential hygiene products to put in your backpack.

1-Face Wipes

You could bring some soap and use stream water to clean your face or you could use these fantastic wipes. I love the Neutrogena cleansing wipes!  They are perfect for washing your face at night and in the morning. The pink grapefruit makes your face tingle and feel like your really cleaned it.  I prefer the face wipes to using the dirty cold stream water or baby wipes. Baby wipes contain alcohol and dry out my sensitive skin on my face.   These are not biodegradable so you must find a trashcan or carry your trash out.

2-Scent Free Lotion- Travel Size

My face feels dry while I’m not wearing makeup in the woods and its nice to hydrate it. I also like to put lotion on my feet after a long day hiking. Make sure you get scent free lotion. Lotion with perfume attracts mosquitoes and gnats!

3-Dry Shampoo- Travel Size

Dry shampoo is wonderful. It helps keep you hair from feeling oily. Not Your Mother’s comes in a travel size and its perfect for your backpack. Since I have curly hair and I can’t brush it (or it becomes a frizz ball) I did feel like using this in the aerosol can kind of made my hair tangled. I would still  recommend it.

4-Panty Liners

Your going to be moving and sweating all day. Panty Liners helps keep you feeling fresh and it keeps your underwear clean. Even if it is not ‘that time on the month’, these liners are so light and so worth it.

5-Hand Santnizer- Non-Scented

Or hanitizer and I like to call it. Again make sure you purchase hand santizizer that does not have perfume in it. Fancy smells are  nice but not for the woods. I keep my hand sanitized real close and use it often.

6-Chap Stick

A must have. Keep your lips crack-free.  I keep my chap stick and hanitizer in my backpack  zipper pocket that clips around my waist. It is easily accessible here.

7-Deodorant- Travel Size

Again this is a no-brainer.  You can find a travel size in almost any brand.

8-Baby Wipes

Make sure you find biodegradable wipes. I usually buy these from the dollar store. I use baby wipes to really clean up every morning or night. You can use them anywhere on your body and they smell nice too! I prefer not to use them on my face because it drys it out.

Don’t let your B.O. stink up the nature!




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