Ann Arbor Area Thrift Store Guide

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I absolutely love thrift store shopping! I love finding treasures and deals.  Thrifting is like therapy! I can spend hours and hours going from store to store. South-Eastern Michigan has a plethora of great resell stores. I have compiled a list of my favorite 18 thrift stores in Ann Arbor, Ypsi, Saline and Canton. I will try and update this list as things change.


Click here  for a map I created to help plan your thrifty trip. I suggest planning your trip by city. All the Saline stores are within a few miles of each other. The  Ann Arbor stores, you might want to split up into two days.

 1 Address Hours Website
Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop 2280 S. Industrial Hwy

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(734) 996-9155‎

M-F: 9-7pm



File_000 (8)MY TOP THRIFT STORE IN ANN ARBOR! It is run by the PTO members from Ann Arbor Public Schools. Great selection of clothes. I have so many File_000 (2)dresses and dress pants from this store.   They have loads of furniture too.  The PTO has a great selection of craft materials. Look at this cute fabric I bought there to update an old classroom chair.  I also found this red/tan JCrew dress for my Chicago trip last summer.



 2 Address Hours Website
The Reuse Center Recycle Ann Arbor 2420 S. Industrial Hwy

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(734)  222-7880


Sun: 10-3pm


No clothes but they have lots of books, furniture and appliance. I bought this chandelier for my wedding pictures at this store.  I also bought the CD we played File_000 (13)duringFile_000 (10) my wedding reception. This is a great place to find things to up-cycle! Look at this old crock-pot I got for $3. It was a perfect candidate for my little project with chalkboard spray paint.



 3 Address Hours Website
Ann Arbor Thrift Shop 3530 Washtenaw Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(734) 662-6771‎


Sun: Closed

Great thrift store but they are cash only. Located across the street from Arborland.


Community Thrift Store

789 W Michigan Ave,

Saline, MI 48176

(734) 470-6698

Mon: Closed

T,W,Th: 10-5pm

Fri: 10-6pm

Sat: 10-5pm


This is a tiny thrift store. You would probably miss it your first time there. It is located in a small industrial plaza behind a gas station. I have bought lots of clothes from here. The owner tries to only put items that people would be interested in.

 5 Address Hours Website
Goodwill-Ann Arbor 3782 Carpenter Rd,

Ann Arbor, MI 48197

(734) 272-0667

M-Sat: 9-9pm

Sun: 12-6pm

This is brand new! I have only been here on their opening day. They are located across the street from Meijer. This is basically on the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti boarder.

 6 Address Hours Website
Goodwill-Canton 41937 Ford Rd

Canton, MI 48187

(734) 981-1692

M-Sat: 9-9pm

Sun: 12-6pm

PretFile_000 (11)ty great selection, but poor locations. Ford road is always busy. I got this great black and white striped target dress and turquoise cardigan to wear for Easter Sunday last year. They have lots of dresses for $7.




 7 Address Hours Website
Goodwill-Saline 557 E Michigan Ave

Saline, MI 48176

(734) 429-2789

M-Sat: 9-8pm

Sun: 12-5pm

I LOVE THE SALINE GOODWILL! I have found so many dresses for me and dress shirts for my husband there. They have lots of brand-new, with tag, clearance items from Target that they sell for a few bucks.The burgundy dress was new with tags for only $6, I wore it to my sisters wedding. They also have lots of nice home good items like this antique looking serving dish – $3.

 8 Address Hours Website
Habitat for Humanity ReStore 170 Aprill Dr,

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 822-1530



The ReStore does not sell clothes. They only sell furniture and building supplies. They are very active on Facebook and often take pictures and post new items. If you see something on Facebook, you can call them and purchase it over the phone.

 9 Address Hours Website
Nu2U 1311 E Michigan Ave,

Saline, MI 48176

(734) 316-2342

M-Sat: 10-6pm

Thu: Open till 8pm

Sun: Closed

This thrift store is run by Washtenaw Christian Academy, they have lots of clothes, home goods anFile_000 (7)d furniture. I got my quick Ninjago costume for Halloween there last year for only $1. I was the coolest 5th grade teacher that day! 0218131227


Plato’s Closet-Ann Arbor


860 W. Eisenhower Parkway
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 769-8500


This Ann Arbor location is located in the plaza with REI and Wholefoods. I have sold many of my old clothes there and turned aFile_000 (4)round and bought something else from their store. I bought this dress for a Florida wedding. The dress is Lauren Conrad brand, and in great shape.





 11 Address Hours Website
Plato’s Closet-Canton 44720 Ford Rd
Canton, MI 48187734-459-5029


I have not shopped at this Plato’s Closet in a few years, but I wanted to include it anyways. Their clothes are always stylish- but usually pricey.  This store is located in the same plaza as Kohl’s.

 12 Address Hours Website
Salvation Army-Ann Arbor 1621 S State St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104(734) 332-3474

Sun: Closed

The Ann Arbor Salvation Army is HUGE! They have student discount day on Tuesday and File_000 (5)they are open late!  Parking is horrible. I am usually overwhelmed when I go here. The lines for the checkout can be ridiculous as well. If you can focus then you might be able to find some nice things, like this blazer!  *Be on the lookout for creepers.

 13 Address Hours Website
Salvation Army-Saline 423 E Michigan Ave

Saline, MI 48176

(734) 429-9838

M-Sat: 9-9pm

Sun: Closed

The Salvation Army in Saline is brand new! I have only been there twice, they opened in fall of 2015. This is your typical Salvation army with rows and rows of clothes.

 14 Address Hours Website
The Resale Boutique 206 W Michigan Ave,

Saline, MI 48176

(734) 295-3030

M-Sat: 10-7pm

Sun: 12-4pm

Upscale boutique with slightly high prices.  I always stop here when I’m in Saline. Then I 0116121625visit Detroit Dog Co. for lunch. This shop usually has great deals and sales!  They recently moved locations, now they are located in an old renovated  house on Michigan Ave. Very stylish and upscale clothing. This was a fossil wallet I used for years, purchased for $20, new with tags.

 15 Address Hours Website
The Scrap Box 581 State Circle

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

(734) 994-0012

Sun & Mon: Closed

T-W-Th-F: 10-5pm

Sat:10 -2pm


Not a thrift store but I wanted to include it anyways. This is a great place to pick up craft File_000 (10)items or to look around and be inspired. I got lots of decoration ideas for my wedding. The pearls on the chandelier came from the scrap box.   The materials for this sweet Trunk-or-treat  design came from the scrap box as well.


 16 Address Hours Website
The ShareHouse 5161 Jackson Rd,

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 222-0876

M-F: 10-6pm

Sat: 9-5pm

Sun: Closed


Share House Facebook


This is my little treasure! My husband does not like it when I go there alone, because the building has so many different rooms and it’s poorly lit.  They have a big toy/game room with tons of board games in great conditions. I got 10 board games for my classroom and she only charged me $5 for all 10! Don’t go here looking for clothes, the clothing selection is poor and not organized. They do have lots of furniture and sporting goods. This is a “get down and dirty” thrift store. Don’t wear your Sunday best when coming here and bring hand sanitizer.


Value World- Ann Arbor

345 N Maple Rd,

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 728-4610


Sun: 10-6pm

I have only been here a few times. This VW is very clean and organized. Check out this maxiFile_000 (9) dress find! It is target brand and it was a petite size, so the length was perfect!   I wore it to my friends Bridal Shower.

 18 Address Hours Website
Value World- Ypsilanti 1410 E. Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48198(734) 728-4568

Sun: 10-6pm

This is a favorite among my church. They have coupons all the time for 50% off. I have had friends who have found wonderful clothes here. They do not have a fitting room so be prepared.  *Be on the lookout for creepers.

Leave a comment about your favorite thrift stores and feel free to share!


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