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Last Few Days Teaching

During my last week of teaching I got the chance to work with my replacement. This was such a blessing and encouragement to me. I was struggling with the thought of leaving my students and it was nice to help transition the new teacher into my role.

I believe that she was sent from God. A lot of thought and prayers went into the decision of taking a  new job.  I felt like it was the right decision and God wanted me to do it, yet I struggled with thoughts of failure.  The women who took my place is a Christian and came from Detroit Public Schools. (DPS is in turmoil right now and not a great place to work). She spent the first day telling horror stories about DPS and about how we have it ‘made’ here. She was so happy to be in a place that she considers wonderful. She wanted to know why everyone was complaining and why on earth I was leaving.

On the first day that we met, while walking out the door, she looked at me and said “You have not failed!” I was speechless. I did not tell her that I was struggling with thoughts of failure. She watched me teach and said that I was a wonderful teacher and maybe I had not found my niche.   At the end of the week she told me that God is done with me there. She said that because I’m leaving, she now has the opportunity to be in a greater place that is closer to home, where she can make an impact on students.

This gave me great comfort. I felt like God was nudging me an telling me that everything was going to be ok. He was healing my heart and preparing me for something great.



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