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Running Gear Product Review

My Running Favorites!


Until recently I never considered myself a gadget girl.   After thinking about it I realized that there are actually a ton of gadget and gear that I absolutely love for running. Over the years I have come to have a few favorites that I consider exceptionally helpful.

cfh8 Body Glide – Life saver for those of us who have chafing problems.  You can buy this at any sporting goods store for  about $5 a stick. They last a long time and I always have one in my gym bag.


7864160_f260350x700px-LL-ce05a96a_01-nike-plus-ipod-sensorNike+ Sports Watch– I am a huge Nike fan! From my shoes, to my favorite running shorts as well as this fantastic GPS watch. I do not know how I survived long distance training before I had one of these! Actually I do, I used the Nike+ app on my i-pod.  I love the graphs and visuals the Nike + website gives you after a run. The watch is very easy to use and helps me keep a steady pace.  These run from $100 – $150. Capture


CaptureWrist Wallet– I like to stick my car fob in there if I’m wearing shorts without pockets. There are a whole lot of them on the web right now with different designs and features. Amazon is where I got mine.$5-$20.


imagesHydration Belt- We all know that hydration is important. I like this belt for longer runs. I can keep my phone, keys, energy gel and water with me.  There are a of hydration belts to choose from. I personally like the Nathan Brand. $20+


4808NVY_5K_Hi-VizYellow_NWPouch Belt– I also have a belt without a water bottle. I use this when I’m doing shorter runs or when I’m running at he Metro Park, which has water stops.  It is also nice for when I take my dog on walks and need a treat pouch.


energytitle Energy Gel/Goo– When you start getting into longer runs, it is time to start thinking about fueling your body while you burn energy. I recommend you try out different brands on your long runs until you find CLIF-Shot-Energy-Gel-300x300something that you prefer. I like the Cliff Bar brand. REI has lots of flavors.  I found out the hard way that my stomach does not handle the Mocha favor.


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