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This year my husband and I decided to run a half marathon together! This will be my second half marathon and his first. Last week we officially started our training. We are 13 weeks out from race day. I am awfully excited to run and train with him. Today the weather is 67° and it is early March… Michigan! I can not wait to get out and run in the fresh Michigan air.

xc 005My Running journey started a long time ago. Running has been a big part of my life. I started running when I was in 5th grade. Cross-Country, was the only sport my school offered for 5th graders. I though, “Hey, I’m good at tag!” so I joined. Little did I know that I began an addiction that  I still can’t kick. I ran Cross-Country and Track competitively until I graduated in 2007. I ran on the varsity team and competed  in the MHSAA  State Meet for Cross-Country all through high school. I even became a member of the 500 mile club by running 500 miles from June 1st – September 1st.  I ran a sub 20-minute 5K 3 times with my PR at 19:45. In college, I worked part time for the club sports office and ran with their running club; competing in road races year round. From 2009 -2011 I coached a track team for a private christian school.

It was no surprise to my family and friends, when in 2012, I planned on training and running a marathon. I never did complete the marathon. Training to hard and my impatience caused me to pull a groin muscle which resulted in hours of PT and to this day still gives me trouble.   However, I did successfully complete a half marathon!  I ran the Ann Arbor Half Marathon in June of 2012. I finished with a time of 1:50:28. That is an 8:26m pace of which I am particularly proud.

For our half marathon training this year we are following the Hal Higdon Training Program. This is the same resource I used when I ran my first half marathon. I found it very easy to use and it got me in shape.


We are following the Novice 1  program, although we both have many miles and races under our belt. The program even has an app you can download to keep track of your workouts and goals.  I use the Emily Skye F.I.T. App for my strength training. I highly recommend anyone considering running any distance race to use their website as an aid.  hal-670x415




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