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You Should Coach a GOTR Team!


I started coaching Girls on the Run in 2014 and I fell in love right away. The program is designed around running but it does a whole lot more! Each and every lesson in the 10 week season focuses on a topic that will strengthen the character  of a young girl.  From peer-pressure to healthy eating  all 20 sessions build upon each other.

5 Reason to Coach a Girls on the Run Team!

1- It is fun!– I enjoy going to practice. I look forward to the days when I get to be with my team, unwind and enjoy the girls. It is  a mini-vacation during my work week.  It gives me a creative outlet and a chance to be a role model for young girls.

2- The curriculum is friendly– Every season you will get a GOTR curriculum binder with everything laid out for you. The lessons are easy to follow and it does not take too long to prepare for practice. The lessons are engaging, interactive and thought provoking.

3- It cost $0 to coach – The YMCA takes care of everything. From the snacks to your race fee. You pay nothing out of pocket. You will receive a bag with  all the supplies you need for the season as well as a gift card to Meijer for snacks.

4-The Exercise-  A lot of the workouts require a coach to interact with the girls as they complete laps. There is even a whole workout towards the end of the season that is a game of freeze tag and the coaches are ‘it’! (Talk about a sprint workout) If you have enough help, you can run with your team at practice. The strengthening exercises are challenging for anyone of any fitness level.

5- You will make a difference– There is no doubt about it, the coaches of GOTR have the chance to make a positive difference in the lives of young girls. These girls are at a critical stage in their life where they need the support. The positive atmosphere you will create in your group will empowers them.

Interested in coaching? Learn more information here!

Coach of the Season Nominees
Fall 2014 Team





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